Thinc. About

The who, what, when, where and why you should partner with us!

Who’s Thinc. (think they are?)

Thinc. is who we are and what we do. Led by founders Joe Landi and Merle Benny, we’re a lean, but not at all mean, team of smart, dedicated, energetic, innovative, funny, clever, experienced, professional, always versatile, sometimes verbose (see Who’s Thinc.) creative types. We’re ready to do whatever it takes to help your organization grow, prosper and succeed. After years of working for corporate, creative, and nonprofit firms, we’ve learned a thing or two thousand. We’ve bundled those collective experiences and skills to partner with forward thinking and attractive folks (like you) determined to make a difference in their field, and the world.

What we stand for (and what you stand to gain)

We believe passionately in the awesome power and value of good people with great ideas. Life is too short, and the stakes are too high, to devote time and energy on efforts that don’t make some kind of positive contribution. We believe in standing for something, and helping our clients establish their “something” and sharing it with the world. Together, we’ll create meaningful, memorable and measurable work we can all be proud of. We believe in new and better ways of thinking and working. We feel that creative work can, and should, be fun, and that there’s never a bad time for a party or event.

How we work (Cannonball or Bellyflop?)

Never a big tester of waters, we like to jump right in and make a splash. Total immersion in getting to know you, your story, your culture, customers, your vision, mission, and goals. We then dive into full BrandStorming™ mode. Think of it as a Process of Illumination where ideas reign and markets get saturated. From there, we partner with you and your team to create smart branding, marketing and design, video and events, social media and the web. All to build your brand, raise awareness (and funds), sustain growth, reach goals, focus your vision and accomplish your mission. Whew! Someone get me a towel!

Why we’re better (small & smart vs. big & bland)

We are hungry! How could you run a lean shop like ours and not be chomping at the bit to serve up choice creative. Seriously, is it lunchtime yet? You get more of the big ideas and results you’d overpay to a big, bloated shop (them), for the sensible price of a small, smart one (us). Speaking of price, as an alternate to a la carte specific services, we offer Creative Fixe™. It’s our version of restaurant prix fixe, or fixed price, multi-course menu. For a set time period & rate, Thinc. works with you to create and implement a multi-media plan to boost your brand and achieve your goals. The creative fix you need at a fixed price. Nice!

When & Where (can we get started?)

We’re thinking right now’s a good time. Your place? Our place? That Starbuck’s, Panera, or diner down the street? Your call. 973 763-7174